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Training Never Ends

April 25, 2016

A common misconception that some of my junior colleagues have is that once they pass their National Police Officer Selection Test that is the end of the learning process. I tell them all the time that you never stop learning in this job. In fact I firmly believe that in life we should be constantly learning new skills. All jobs should allow for employees to keep training and learning. This not only improves productivity and service levels, but also keeps staff motivated.

As police officers we get sent to workshops and training programs throughout the year. However, it should be incumbent upon all officers to take the initiative and seek their own training. For example, all around young officers there are experienced men and women that have been in the service for many years. These experienced officers are always happy to answer questions and offer the benefit of their greater knowledge.

We see training materials all day long in the form of books, newspapers and magazines. Reading stimulates the mind and keeps it active. Even half an hour a day will help. Reading the newspapers can provide you with some helpful information that may one day help you in a case. Police magazines or even internet sites can provide great information about law changes and criminal cases amongst other things. Training never ends at work or in life.

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