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Considering Becoming a Police Officer?

April 20, 2016

I love working for the police force. It gives me enormous satisfaction and I honestly never get bored. However, I feel I ought to mention a few things that any of you thinking of applying might like to ponder.

The first thing I was told to do when I mentioned to my careers adviser that I wanted to be a police officer was to consider whether I had the key attributes. Of course I’m biased but I considered myself to be honest, I had sound judgement, plenty of integrity and that I was a pretty responsible guy. Do you possess these qualities? If you do, read on.

Do you want to take on a job that can be both dangerous and stressful? Well that goes with the territory and I’m sure you know that chasing criminals isn’t going to be a walk in the park. There’s plenty of paper work to be done. Report writing is an important part of police work, so your English skills need to be good. You’ll be tested on this a lot as part of the National Police Offcer Selection Test. You can see some examples of questions on the Police Prof webiste.

Another important consideration is your physical fitness. Being a police officer is demanding work. Not just physically but mentally too. You need to be able to meet those demands and again you will be tested on this as part of the entrance exam. If you are still interested and think you have the attributes to be a good police officer, what are you waiting for?

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