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What to Expect in the LA PQE Test

April 15, 2016

When you know what to expect it is much easier to prepare in advance. That is certainly true for police officer entrance exams such as the Los Angeles Personal Qualification Essay (PQE) test. Let me give you a broad guide of what to expect in the PQE test.

Before taking the test, applicants will need to fill out the Preliminary Background Application (PBA) and Job Preview Questionnaire (JPQ). The PBA will be used to determine the suitability of the candidate and whether there are any potential problems in their background. The JPQ will help applicants understand whether the police force is really the career for them.

If you get through this preliminary process then you will need to take the PQE test. This will test several skills and attributes including your maturity, integrity, judgement and flexibility when making decisions. Making decisions in varying degrees of stressful and perhaps intimidating situations is a key component of police work. In addition to this you will be tested on your written communications skills. Report writing and understanding instructions are also very important policing skills, so your communication has to be spot on.

Luckily it is possible to practice examples of the questions in advance. Not only is it possible but it is highly recommended. Examples of the PQE test can be found on the Police Prof website, and I always advise applicants to make sure they try the questions out prior to taking the exam for real. It not only prepares you for the questions, but also how long to take on each question. Give it a go and may just be the best decision you made during the exam process.

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