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In the Right Direction

April 13, 2015

Wouldn’t life be easier if we were given the questions for an exam before we sat it. You can revise the relevant sections of the subject and just write them down at the time of the exam. A-grades all round. Of course this shouldn’t happen but you can still be prepared when you sit your police officer entrance exam.

Some of the skills of the exam you will hopefully have learned at high school such as spelling and grammar. Other skills you will have a natural aptitude for, but some skills can be developed or improved upon prior to the exam. One area worth practicing is your directional skills. Ok many of us can read a map. In fact we are spoiled on the road these days with the very helpful satellite navigation systems. Practice though makes perfect.

Police work also requires some specific communication skills when it comes to directions.

For example, how good are you at taking directions while on the road. Most of us get instructions from our loved one in the passenger seat, which go through one ear and out the other. That’s called nagging though. Listening, reading and understanding directions while on patrol or roaming are crucial skills for a police officer. Perhaps you could learn to listen to your beloved as well!

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