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Money-Back Guarantee

Police Prof is here to help you pass your Police Entrance Exams. We believe in our product. That is why we have created a money-back guarantee. We will refund or extend your membership as long as you want so that you can pass all your exams.

Terms and Agreement:

  1. The refund request must be submitted within 5 days of receiving your test results.
  2. A copy of your test results from the police force you applied to indicating that you were unsuccessful as an applicant  must be faxed or emailed to us within the above given frame.
  3. You must have completed and passed all practice tests in full (answer all questions) prior to your test date and you cannot have attempted any practice tests after you have written your real test.
  4. Refunds will be issued within 30 business days after refund request has been assessed and accepted.
  5. Police Profs reserves the right to update/change the terms of agreement without notice to system users

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