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Police Academy

April 3, 2011

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Police Academy series of films from the 1980s. Basically there was a lot of mischief and incompetence from everyone involved in the Police Academy. Recruits, trainers and chiefs were all a bunch of idiots.

Needless to say real Police Academies are quite different and certainly test the skills of recruits. It usually amounts to 12 or 14 weeks of training with classes focusing on a number of topics. These include constitutional law and civil rights, state laws and local ordinances as well as accident investigation. You also get training in patrol, traffic control, firearms usage, self-defense, first aid and emergency response.

It is all good preparation for what lies ahead in the job. By the way, you may find in some cases it is desirable to have a bachelor’s degree when you apply for police work. Otherwise just completing a two year associate program will be fine too. I hear that in some states learning a foreign language can be a real benefit too. I guess down south Spanish is good to know and in the big cities or tourist places any languages are a big plus.

The Police Academy is hard work but very rewarding. There is time for a little fun too. It’s not a boot camp but it’s not a 12 week slapstick comedy either. Shame they made too many of those films as the first one was ok but the rest…

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