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Job Satisfaction

April 2, 2011

A friend of mine asked me last night why I enjoyed being a police officer. She knows I love working for the police but she wanted to know why. Hmmm that’s a good question as I have never sat down and analysed it. However, within 30 seconds I had reeled off several good reasons why I enjoy life as a police officer.

1. I like talking to the public and helping people.
2. There is always something different to do each day. I am stimulated and motivated all the time.
3. I get to work outdoors, drive a neat patrol car and can head back to the office for a bit of camaraderie with my fellow officers.
4. I like to think I am making people feel safe by my presence alone. Sometimes there is danger on the streets so it is very satisfying neutralizing that danger in a calm way.
5. I enjoy investigating problems and dealing with them. Everyday sees a new challenge but I like the small petty scenarios just as much as the big ones.

To be honest I think she was sorry she asked. Perhaps she was even a bit jealous? Well maybe not as she is a dentist and seems pretty content with life. Well you would be if you enjoyed pulling teeth for a living. I prefer pulling in the crooks for a living.

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