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Police Academy 2

April 4, 2011

Just like the film series I thought I would create a sequel to my earlier blog on Police Academies. I highlighted some of the areas where recruits would get training and I have no doubt that has whetted some people’s appetite. So it may be apt to also tell you folks about some of the tests that are carried out in most academies across the USA.

In most cases candidates cannot just pitch up at a police academy. Many of the academies require cadets to be hired by a police department first before they can attend. Needless to say you won’t get in without passing some physical and academic tests similar to the Los Angeles PQE test, the NPYD Police Officer Entrance Exam or the National Police Officer Selection Test. Examples of the questions found in these exmas are provided by Police Prof on their website. In addition to this, and I think I alluded to this before, it may be necessary to have a law enforcement related bachelor’s degree under your belt too.

Of course background checks are made on each candidate as convicted felons will not be accepted. It is highly likely that you will have to take at least one polygraph test, be screened for drugs, sit through a psychological evaluation and demonstrate good driving skills. These are pretty standard procedure and in order to get into a police academy, I don’t think anyone would expect any less.

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