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Handling Weapons

October 18, 2016

The terrorist threats of recent years have heightened security concerns in the United States. The police force has a massive role to play in keeping law and order and snuffing out this threat of terrorism. It’s a pressure situation and knowing how to handle the weapons used by the police in the United States is vital.
Officers handling weapons receive intensive training and like any profession, practice makes perfect. Sportsmen practice hour after hour their kicking, hitting, punching, dodging or whatever skills and crafts make them the best in their profession. Similarly police officers have to practice and master their skills, especially the use of firearms.

The bottom line is that without the practice a police worker handling firearms is risking his or her life and that of the public. In life threatening situations it is imperative that the pistol appears in your hand without a second thought. However, the art of working with firearms is also learning when not to use them.
Good police officers know when to prevent a fight as well as what needs to be done in the event of a fight. I guess what I am leading up to here is that members of the public should feel assured that we are trained and trained and trained until we master the use of weapons. Public safety is our number one priority.

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