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Attributes to Make You a Stand-Out Cop

April 7, 2012

I think sometimes the police services across the USA get a lot of unfair criticism. Of course I would say that because I am one of them. A lot of men and women put their necks on the line to do a tough job. We’re only human so occasionally mistakes will be made. I hope and believe we learn from mistakes and look to improve. This is important to maintain the trust and respect of the public.
So what important traits does a cop need to have to make them better than the rest? Here are some that I think are important:

1. Decisiveness – This is important but so long as you are making the right judgments. If you show confidence in your knowledge and ability and make tough calls correctly you can gain the respect of your colleagues and the trust of the public.

2. Hard Work and Desire to Improve – Any officer that keeps practicing and training will improve. A good cop shouldn’t be told this or ordered to train. They should want to do it and keep at it.

3. Motivation – This kind of follows on from the desire to improve as you have to be self motivated. Don’t wait to get a pat on the back all the time as it won’t happen. The job you perform is taken for granted by others. You have to be motivated by enjoyment of the job and the satisfaction derived from solving a crime or helping members of the public.

4. Maintain Integrity – In dealing with the bad guys don’t get wrapped up in their evil ways. Stay true to yourself, do things above board and treat colleagues, seniors and members of the public with respect.

I’ll end today’s blog by adding that in life you should always treat people as you would expect them to treat you!

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