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The Right Choice

March 30, 2011

I always think people are lucky when they know for sure from an early age what they want to do. You can plan exactly how you will achieve your goal and spend years learning more about the career of your dreams. Of course it is only a good thing if you actually achieve your aim. Becoming an astronaut is a lot harder than say a police officer.
Funnily enough I didn’t realise that I was destined for the police force until I was 16. Sure I loved all the cop shows on TV but I never thought I would end up being one of them. A casual conversation with my neighbor Jeff set the ball rolling. He said to me one day: “Ever considered the police? I’ve been a serving officer for nearly 10 years and it’s the best job in the world.”
I could see in his eyes that a) he wasn’t drunk and b) he was very sincere. Jeff is a good pal of my Dad so I’ve known him long enough to tell whether he is pulling my leg. So I talked to the careers lady at school and she got me a load of pamphlets explaining what qualifications I needed as well as how and when to apply. Eight years on and I know I made the right choice.

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