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Police Academy 3 – Survival Tips

April 5, 2011

Sorry folks I just couldn’t resist another Police Academy blog! It is a few years since my experiences at police academy but I think the principles of how to survive there still hold true. Talking to my slightly younger colleagues has confirmed this for me. So here are my survival tips:

1. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically. If you show any sort of weakness you will most likely get a name for yourself, and for all the wrong reasons. Brain training exercises, practising spelling and handwriting skills may also seem a bit childish, but believe me they are good ways to sharpen the mind. Get to the gym and work on the arms, back, abdomen and legs. These are areas that will be tested heavily in the line of duty, so they need to be strengthened. If you fail the tests you are liable to be heading home early.

2. Don’t draw attention to yourself by acting up. By that I mean don’t try and be a smart ass, don’t go out on long drinking sprees and work darn hard. Back chat in class like in any college or high school will mean you get the instructor’s back up. If you do make the mistake of doing something stupid, be sure never to repeat that mistake.

That’s it. Just the two tips albeit long ones. So long as you play by the rules you will be fine. Good luck!

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